Natural Stone and Porcelain Tile

We offer a wide range of porcelain and natural stone tile. We have a huge selection of styles, patterns and colors to choose from for your flooring needs

We offer a Huge Variety of Tile flooring styles and colors

We offer tiles manufactured from ceramic, glass, metal, stone, and wood materials that provide long lasting flooring for your home. There are many designs that you may choose from and budget won’t be a problem. Our tile prices range from very inexpensive to moderately priced.

  • Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain tiles are durable, scratch resistant and available in different colors and designs. These factors are what make them popular and in demand for homeowners over the years. Maintenance is also not a problem since you can wipe and dry them in no time.

    If you are after a simple or a complex customized design flooring pattern, porcelain tile flooring is the perfect choice for you. We offer them at an affordable price and provide you with adequate instruction materials required if you want to install them on your own.

  • Stone Flooring

    Stone flooring can provide a rich look to your floors while maintaining durability. Marble, natural stones and granite are some of the materials commonly used in this type of tile. Before you decide to install this type of flooring, make sure that your base floor is strong enough to support stone materials. Natural Stone Flooring is usually more expensive but still worth your money because they are so extremely durable and can last for generations.

  • Mosaic Tile

    Mosaic tiles are usually laid in such a manner that it would form a picture. This type of tile flooring can be bought in a ready-made form (meaning the tiles are already laid out to form a picture or an image) so that the only thing left for you to do is to install them to your kitchen or bathroom. The designs usually vary from a simple flower or vase picture, to a forest scene or a geometrically artistic pattern. These tiles are slip resistant because they are made from porcelain materials.

  • Tile Flooring is Versatile

    Our tile installers are familiar with all different types of tiles such as porcelain, and even mosaic tiles. Each type has it’s own design features, laying techniques and maintenance. Installing floor tile has always been in vogue because of its versatile nature. Kitchen and the bathrooms require more attention because of the inevitable presence of moisture.

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