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The Flooring Warehouse in Highland, Indiana was created for the flooring conscious consumer who wants to be able to obtain quality flooring at an affordable price.  Whether you are a General Contractor or Retail Public Consumer, we can easily guide you to the best type of flooring selection for your taste.

Confused about the different types of flooring?

Our Staff has over 50 years experience in the trade.  We keep ourselves very updated on the different types of flooring material in production as well as the material we sell on our sales floor.  We understand how these products are produced and the benefits each one provides. The Flooring Warehouse wants you to be confident in your selection so therefore, we will not push or coheres you into a specific floor.  We always ask, “For what purpose are you looking for flooring?”  In other words, whether it is used for your personal home, rental, or commercial, we will give you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring in this situation.  Since our business is largely built on referrals, a good word of mouth is extremely important to us.  Therefore, it is our goal to make sure that you understand and have knowledge of what you are buying and are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Tired of pushy commissioned salespeople?

The Flooring Warehouse staff is non-commissioned.  Since we work with a large amount of builders, our mindset is to work with allowances.  In other words, if you tell me you want a $15 a yard carpet, I am going to find you the best Bang for Your Buck that I can for $15!  We will not be talking you into a $16 a yard carpet.  Especially, if I feel that a lesser price carpeting is a better quality than a more expensive one.  Because believe me, I’m going to tell you and explain why I feel this way.  If you are happy with your flooring and feel you paid a better price, which we are confident that you will, we hope you will tell others about us.  This is what we work for…your satisfaction.

Best Price Possible

We deal with most major manufacturers as well as the smaller mills.   Please feel free to look through our links page at the different manufacturers.  One thing about us is that we are realists.  Even though pretty much everyone claims they offer the best service, we understand that you are also searching for the best price possible.  And since our staff is non-commissioned, since we don’t work out of a full retail location, and since we display our products through our commercial warehouse location, we are able to keep our costs down, which keeps your costs down, sometimes rather significantly.  If there is something you are searching for but do not see it on our site, or if you should happen to find a product you really like from another location, contact us.  You might be surprised.  Don’t even tell us the price they are offering, that doesn’t make a difference to us.  We just want to be straight forward and try to get you the best possible price.  We have been told by most of our customers that our prices are generally quite a bit less than the retailers.  Just let us know the manufacturer, style, color, and possible quantity needed and then let us do the rest.  Again, try us, you might be surprised.


Lastly, we originally opened The Flooring Warehouse to cater to contractors with the best possible prices.  However, due to our large customer referral base, we have decided to provide flooring to everyone at contractor/warehouse prices.  Every store will tell you that they have a contract department, or are giving you contractor prices, but are they really?  Give us a call and see for yourself.  Whether you are a contractor (builder, remodeler, architect, property manager, etc…) or retail consumer, price and compare.  With our friendly non-pressuring service, we are confident that you will enjoy the experience. By the way, did I mention referrals?  Once you purchase from us or if you have a friend, family or acquaintance that needs flooring at a great deal, give us a call.  If we know prior to them coming in to the store, we will give you referral $ for your generosity upon their completed purchase.  Or if you would want us to give them a little extra price break, we could do that as well.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

  • All I can say is WOW! Our new hardwood floors look fantastic! Thank you Flooring Warehouse for the excellent job you did for our family. I am recommending you to all my friends.

    Barbara Jordan Muster, Indiana
  • Pete Cala, the manager at The Flooring Warehouse, went above and beyond to get our new carpeting installed before the holidays, We took our time (too much time really) looking around for the best price. The holidays were approaching fast and we wanted our new carpeting installed before our company came in town. Pete rushed the order and got it installed in time. Thank you Pete, we will call you soon about our kitchen floor.

    Jackie Kirkpatrick Dyer, IN
  • Our company has purchased all our flooring for our new construction projects from The Flooring Warehouse. No one has been able to beat their pricing for the quality flooring they sell.

    George Beckwith Highland In
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